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PTA Membership Contests

Check back in the Fall for more membership contests!

a. Online membership payment will be collected via credit card through the online system.  Anything collected over the amount to be paid to the State will be collected in a Voucher.  Watch the NYS PTA Portal announcement page for when the Vouchers have been generated.
b. Members who pay the Unit directly will need to be followed by a payment to State.
c. Payments should be made to NYS PTA at least once a month. Remember to apply any outstanding Vouchers before calculating the payment amount. Click here for the Payment Dues Slip.

6. The last membership payment should be made by May 31st.  One last emergency payment can be made before June 30th.  Anyone who wishes to join after your last payment should wait until after July 1st to join for the next PTA year.

7. Questions? See the NYS PTA membership page for more details. Please do not hesitate to contact:

Ken Keenan
Western Region Membership Chair

Candy Ditkowski Western Region Director

Kelly Short
NYS Membership Chair

PTA Unit Membership Chairs

Congratulations and thank you for volunteering to be part of your unit's leadership team as Membership Chair.  Here are some "Get Started" steps to help you ease into the position (or for quick reference if you are a returning chair.)

1. Work with your Unit's President to be entered into the NYS PTA Portal as the Membership Chair.  This needs to be done annually - membership chairs entered will not carry over from year to year.

2. Once you have been listed as Membership Chair for your Unit and have received your
credentials, you can log into the NYS PTA Portal here:
3. Share this link with your potential membership: where XXX is the 3-digit
number assigned specifically to your unit.
4. Any memberships that are received by the Unit directly, can be entered into the NYS PTA Portal using the Add Paid Members button. Click here for a sample PTA form and here for a sample PTSA form.

5. Payments - Please review this video on how to pay NYS PTA for outstanding members:

PTA Membership

All membership purchased through a local unit will include membership to the unit's region and NYS PTA.

PTA Membership has its benefits! Check out the list of benefits available to all NYS PTA members by clicking here!

PTA Marketing

​Create a brag sheet for your Unit.  Show your activities, awards, accomplishments, budget, membership, social media links, QR codes to websites, business partners, contact information, thank you, etc., on a one page fun handout that can be printed or shared via email, websites, and social media.  A huge thank you to Michael from Maplemere PTA for sharing their brag sheet to get you started.  Click here to check it out!

​This was created with Piktochart! To try it for free visit:

The invitation to join PTA is a standing invitation and has no time-table - it should be offered year-round.

Important Membership Information for Unit Membership Chairs


Membership is open to anyone interested in the health, safety and welfare of children and youth in New York State.  Memberships can be purchased through a local unit or through the Online Membership System.