Making  every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

The winners are the units that have amassed the most points. In the (hopefully likely) event that more than one unit has the same amount of points, winners will be determined by a random drawing.

Two Runners Up will be awarded a Membership Toolkit (PTA Tablecloth, Portfolio, etc...) plus one free registration to the NYS Summer Leadership Conference for the Membership chair (or board member if MC is unavailable).
One Grand Prize winner will receive everything that the Runners Up receive plus a $500 cash prize for the unit.

Please click  here  to download more information!

Membership Contest

Units will earn points by successfully completing a set of tasks designed to improve membership recruitment, advocacy, marketing, and communication. Some tasks are set to coincide with current due dates and awards, some are set to specific time periods to help promote theme months.  

Points will be tracked by your Region Membership Chair (RMC). Units will be required to notify their region via email, phone, etc. Photos of events where units earn points will be encouraged.

Membership Dues Payment Forms

Need additional dues payment forms?  No need to call your Region Membership Chair, just download and print the form right here!  Make as many copies as you like, just be sure to keep a copy of completed forms for your records!

Dues Payment Form (PDF)

Membership Payments

All membership payments are sent to the NYS PTA office at:


One Wembley Court

Albany, New York 12205

Please make certain that all PTA checks have two signatures, and include your unit name and number (XX-XXX).

The 1st membership dues payment is due in the state office on or before October 31st.

Membership Recruiting Materials

Need ideas for a membership form? How about samples of membership letters to send to parents? Or teachers?  Looking for a copy of our 2015-2016 Theme flyer or logo that you can customize for your PTA to use in your membership materials?

Membership Theme 2015-2016 (PDF)

"Carry the Card that Counts" Logo (jpg)

"Carry the Card that Counts" Logo (png)

Sample Membership Form (Word)

Sample Parent Letter (Word)

Sample Teacher Letter (Word)

Membership Awards

Membership awards can be earned for many different reasons. The awards are a great way to show parents in your school how active and successful your PTA is! There are some awards that are automatically earned and others that need to be applied for (details about the application process are mailed to the unit presidents in February). Remember, though, that in order to qualify for any membership awards, a PTA unit must be in good standing.

There are currently six membership awards; the Early Bird Award and the Good Apple Award are automatically earned – you do not need to apply for these. In order to receive the other four awards – the Building a Better Community Award, the School Pride Award, the Men Matter Award and the Founders Day Recruitment Award – your unit needs to follow the procedures mailed to the president in February. To learn more about the awards available click here, or download a PDF of this information here.

REMINDER:   Please write your 5-digit UNIT CODE number on ALL correspondence.

                       Two signatures are required on all PTA checks.  

Membership cards are mailed the second half of August. The packet is mailed to the address of the president on file with NYS PTA.   In order to receive your cards, it is important that your PTA unit has fulfilled the following requirements


  • The Annual Officers' Contact Information Update (Form A) was entered online or returned to your Region Director.
  • Your unit has paid for insurance for current school year.
  • If you had fewer than 25 members, you need to contact your Region Membership Chair ( or Region Director ( for guidance.

If all three of these items have been accomplished, and you have no outstanding membership dues issues from last year, then your unit has met its obligations in order to receive the new membership card mailing! If not, then you need to address the above issues in order to ensure receipt of your cards to begin your membership drive.

If you do not have your membership cards by the end of August, please contact your Region Director for assistance.

The invitation to join PTA is a standing invitation and has no time-table - it should be offered year-round.

2015-2016 Membership Theme

Check out our  membership theme for 2015-2016, "Carry the Card that Counts". Click here for a flyer you can use in your membership campaigns.

"Carry the Card that Counts" Logo (jpg) click here
"Carry the Card that Counts" Logo (png)
click here

Important Membership Information for Unit Membership Chairs


Membership is open to anyone interested in the health, safety and welfare of children and youth in New York State.  Memberships can be purchased through a local unit or at